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Nowadays, a considerable amount of people is consulting psychiatrists due to anxiety or depression, lack of joy or dissatisfaction in personal relationships, self-sabotaging behavior, avoiding intimacy, personal crisis connected to a failed love relationship, illnesses, death or even job stress. They might also experience an uncertainty about future goals or objectives or the sensation of being stuck in life.

If you feel that any of these problems are happening to you, it would be wise to talk to a professional. You may find help and comfort while trying to solve the issue and you would probably gather some tools that might be useful shortly.

Not many people know how therapy works which makes them doubt about making an appointment. How is the session planned? Do I have to tell a stranger about my whole life? However, when you see a psychiatrist, it is not different to other medical consultations.

The psychiatrist would ask you the reason that brought you there, explain how the treatment is going to be and how you are going to accomplish healing. Additionally, the consultation is confidential unless your life is in danger, or you might damage somebody else.

The Psychiatrist

The therapist’s primary goal would be to help you to gain confidence to go back to your “normal” life. So, it is essential to create a stable therapist-patient bond or relationship. An empathic environment should be built. Therefore, your concerns and stressors can be discussed in an open and supportive (non-judgmental) way; you might feel relaxed and safe to share more inquiries during a session.

The purpose is not to provide a straightforward solution to your problems but to help and facilitate tools for you to find insights and solutions while working on complicated matters.

Proper guidance for you.

We know that working on personal issues is not a simple task and it involves deep commitment not only from your side but also from the therapist´s. That is why we are ready to guide you through your recovery process towards beneficial and positive change and growth.

At first, you might feel a bit uneasy because you are experiencing something new, it might be overwhelming and emotionally challenging to confront specific topics and realities. Besides, you might reveal painful, embarrassing or shameful feelings or emotions, or maybe some troubling memories during the session. All of them would push you to confrontation, exploration, and understanding of yourself to be able to solve them.

The starting point for a good therapy might include tenancy, trust, and comprehension of emotions and feelings to make considerable progress. The transitions might be hard, and you might undergo various stages, but as you will see, with mutual respect and the right psychiatric support and guidance, you will be able to overcome what is affecting you and, at the same time, get favorable tools that will help you in the future.

The psychiatrist must be fully involved and be convinced that the human spirit can grow and change. It would take a profound compromise and perseverance on everyone´s part to continue no matter what, even if you do not immediately see the solution. The most fundamental step to perceive the transformations and improvements is your and the therapist’s commitment.

The benefits of seeing a psychiatrist.

There might be plenty of benefits for you to start seeing a psychiatrist. Among them, you will identify:

● A significant help to change your personal and, maybe, professional life;
● To confront your fears so you can come to terms with your reality;
● To control and to alleviate your emotions;
● To overcome traumatic experiences and to be able to solve personal issues with   guidance and support;
● To developed trust (therapist-patient) and confidence in yourself and with others;
● To return to a healthy status;
● To gain an objective perspective and a professional opinion about your problems to figure out how to solve them.

Does everyone need medication?

It might be necessary to precise that not all the patients need medication to start their treatment. It would depend on the problems you have and the therapist’s opinion. The psychiatrist will facilitate you enough information about the medication so that you can take a balanced decision about the risks, benefits and treatment options.

The professional will work with you to decide if you need the medication or not and which one is appropriate for you. On the other hand, it is a must for you and your psychiatrist to follow the same path, because, in the end, the ultimate decision whether to take medicine or not, will be in your hands.

Today, we can find a wide variety of medications on the market, which had been approved as beneficial for the patient´s recovery. There are several possibilities according to each psychiatric problem. Not only your present situation but your history of medication should be analyzed to assess you correctly.

At this point, you would be working with your psychiatrist, and together you will find the medication or combinations of medicine that is appropriate for your treatment. Every time you have an appointment, your prescription would be evaluated and adjusted if it is necessary, regarding dosing or adding a new one to gain better results.

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Each medicine could take between a week or two to have a noticeable effect and a month and a half or two months to have maximal efficiency. Consequently, it would be sensible to employ other types of treatments while waiting for the medicinal results. This kind of therapy might have a significant, as well as, positive outcome on mental illnesses as soon as you start regular sessions and it might be a solid starting point until medication adequately serves its purpose.

Do it for you

If you are experiencing negative thoughts, if you find yourself lost and you cannot see a way out, call a professional. If you are constant and responsible, in a brief period, you would see how your life gets better. With proper medication and a comprehensive guidance, you will find the solution to your problems. Psychiatrists are well trained and have all the elements for you to feel safe and respected to make the best of each session for you.

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