Who would be a best fit for me…a psychiatrist or a psychologist?

A psychiatrist is typically seen if someone wants to explore taking medications to help with their illnesses. On the other hand, a psychologist helps an individual through talk therapy and new coping skills.

Do some people see both a psychiatrist and a psychologist?

Yes, many people see both a psychiatrist and psychologist. In fact, we believe that seeing both a psychiatrist and psychologist leads to a quicker alleviation of symptoms. It is like a having a team of professionals working together to get you feeling better.

How long is my session?

Typical sessions with the psychiatrist are 1 hour for the first session and 30 minutes for follow-up appointments. The psychologist (and other clinical therapists) will see you for a full hour every session (or 2 hours depending on your individualized needs). And, don’t worry. While we have clocks in our offices and pride ourselves on staying on schedule, our primary concern is providing you with the best care possible.

Can I arrive early or late for my session?

Early arrivals are welcomed. We built a comfortable and state of the art waiting room (with some pretty delicious coffee and phone chargers too) to make waiting feel like a trip to the spa. It’s a lot more calming than a coffee shop so come early to relax before your session. While we understand roadblocks are unexpectedly encountered on the way to an appointment (not to mention red lights, trains, and speed bumps), we ask that you make every effort to try and be on time for your appointment.

What is the cost of an appointment at Lighthouse Health Group?

The cost of an initial appointment with the psychiatrist is $400 for an hour. Follow-ups are $200 for a half an hour. An appointment with the psychologist is $175 for an hour. Our therapist charges $125 for an hour appointment.

Does Lighthouse Health Group accept health insurance?

We do not accept any types of health insurance at Lighthouse Health Group. By doing so, we believe we will be able to provide you with the best treatment possible, as we don’t have an insurance company involved in your treatment. That being said, we can provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance company following your appointment.

What is a superbill?

So glad you asked! A superbill is a bill with special super powers to answer questions your insurance company may have about your visit at Lighthouse Health Group. In fact, a superbill provides insurance companies with information, such as diagnosis and amount paid for services provided, so your insurance company can make reimbursement decisions based on your out-of-network benefits. We will give you the bill to submit to your insurance company (no extra super powers required).

Does Lighthouse Health Group offer appointments on the nights and weekends?

Ask and you shall receive! We do offer some appointments after work hours in the evening. No appointments are available at this time on the weekends but who knows what the future will bring.

If I have to reschedule my appointment (because sometimes life happens), what is the Lighthouse Health Group policy?

We understand the unexpected happens and sometimes interferes with your schedule. When life throws a curve ball, feel free to call the office to reschedule your appointment. We ask you give us 24 hours notice to reschedule so we can help others waiting to get in for an appointment.

Will Lighthouse Health Group text or call me to remind me about my upcoming appointment?

Yes we will! We will call you within 24 business hours of your appointment to remind you. If you prefer a text message or email reminder, we can also work that out for you. Consider us your backup calendar reminders!

Does Lighthouse Health Group offer telephone or video conferences?

t this time, telephone and video conferences are not offered. But, if you have a quick question during business hours, don’t hesitate to call.

Can I communicate with the staff at Lighthouse Health Group via email?

Ever feel overwhelmed by your ever-multiplying email box? We sure do. So, while we love reading your emails, we ask that you keep them to a minimum. We respond quickest to phone calls and cannot discuss clinical information over email. So consider that a motivator to keep your fingers from typing!

Can family members, including spouses and partners, be part of my treatment?

Yes they can. We agree with the motto, “The more the merrier.” Please feel free to bring anyone who you feel can be beneficial to your treatment.

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