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Visit the Best Mental Health Clinic in Jupiter, Florida

Are you searching for a mental health clinic near you in Jupiter, Florida? Lighthouse Health Group is here for you. We meet the needs of patients who need psychological and/or have mental issues.

Who Are We?

Lighthouse Health group is staffed by skilled members trained and certified to offer complete services in our psychiatry and psychology practice. We provide psychiatrist services in the Jupiter area.

Our Core Services

We offer three major lines of services to cater to the mental needs of our patients and prospects. Our team has the experience and expertise to deal with any issue you may have. Our services include the following:

Counseling services

We provide counseling services to help you as a patient and to improve your mental health. Our counseling services include Family, Couples Therapy, Individual and EMDR (Eye Movement and Desensitization Reprocessing).


Psychiatry services

Our psychiatry services include Psychopharmacology, which involves the practice of various psychiatric conditions with prescribed medications. We also offer Genetic Testing, a vital medical process that helps us determine what remedy will work best based on your metabolism.


TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) Services

Our Neurostar services make us a renowned provider in the industry. Our Neurostar advanced therapy uses Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) to locate areas in the brain that are medication resistant in people suffering from depression.

How Will You Benefit
When You Consult with Us?

We are widely known in Jupiter, Florida, as a unique group of experts that provide lasting solutions and care for mental health. Our patients trust us as their treating provider in Jupiter, and so can you! When you consult with us today, you have the chance to:

  • Talk with versatile experts in using modern and proven treatments in the fields of Counseling, Psychopharmacology, Psychotherapy, Psychological testing and TMS, among others.
  • Get answers to any bothersome questions about anxiety and depression.
  • Receive 100% mental health care and solutions to keep you balanced and mentally safe.
  • Get help in handling cases relating to forensic assay and psychological services.

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Group Today!


Contact Lighthouse Health Group Today!
Choose today to consult with the top mental health clinic in Jupiter, Florida. Your mental health is vital to us and also to you because it controls how you feel and react to certain situations. Hence, it needs the best care available.
Call us now, and let us help you maintain safe and sound mental health.

Our staff will greet you with a smile.

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