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You might experience some stress, sadness or any conflict due to our everyday routines so it can be hard to cope with everything at the same time. So if you feel this is happening to you and you are not sure how to handle the situation, it might be a good idea to visit a professional and consult about the problem.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, While It is true that one in five American adults have some mental illness, only a 46 to 65% are under a professional treatment.

This is considered a significant risk because those who are in distress might actually intensify the issue when they avoid any kind of professional help. That is why, psychological help for these people is as important as identifying and diagnosing mental illness in the psychiatric community.

The psychologist Daniel J. Reidenberg argues that “The earlier someone gets help, the easier it is to get through the problem,.” Thus, it is vital to get a quick and accurate diagnosis to start helping the patients as soon as possible.

This situation can be attributed to many stigmas and believes connected to seeing a therapist. Some people tend to think that you only consult a professional because you are “crazy” and it is also seen as a sign of weakness as well as, treatments are considered too expensive.

However, the psychologist Mary Alvord, Ph.D. emphasized that these ideas or opinions are not real. She stated that “Your treatment doesn’t have to be analysis four times a week; I have some patients who come for just two session consultations or a cognitive behavioral therapy for a year,” Besides, “People feel like they’ll get stuck and that’s just not true.”

As regards its costs, it might not be true that all treatments are expensive, there are some cheaper options which might include university-associated treatment centers and therapists who turn to be more affordable.

What is more, Reidenberg added that “There is still an unjustified stigma around mental illnesses, but we’re not even talking about mental illness,”  “We’re just talking about life and how hard life can be. The benefits of psychotherapy more like stress-relievers like exercising and eating right — just strategies that help make life easier and help to remove stressors.”

These professionals, Reidenberg and Alvord agree on the idea that we must see a therapist when we feel overwhelmed or out of our limits when we feel we cannot handle our life anymore.

Feelings are intense

If emotions such as anger and sadness regularly overcome, it might be taken as a sign of some underlying problem. Nevertheless, the intensity of these feelings is going to be determined to catastrophe in our mind. When anxiety invade us and we extremely worry about things is when our challenges begin.

Alvord says that this situation “can be paralyzing, lead to panic attacks and even cause you to avoid things,” and, thus “If your life gets more constricted because you’re avoiding a lot, it is probably time to see someone.”

After a traumatizing situation, you cannot stop thinking about it

A traumatizing situation like a death in the family, a breakup or job loss, might be hard to face so a bit of counseling might be good to process them. “We tend to think these feelings are going to go away on their own,” says Alvord, but this may not always be the case, not everyone responds to them in the same way.

A consequence of these situations might be great grief which makes your faction impaired, and you might want to withdraw from your social life. So if you notice that you are not able to engage in your life as before or, eve, if people around you see some distance in your behavior, it might be time to consult someone who can help you realize and process your pain.

In some other cases, people might respond to the loss in a manic way such as hyper-engagement with friends and acquaintances or an inability to sleep. These signs should be treated by mental health professionals.

Experience some physical problems

Research shows that stress may manifest in several physical ailments; from a chronic upset stomach to headaches, you also can suffer from frequent colds or lack of sexual desire. Alvord stated that “If we’re emotionally upset, it can affect our bodies,” On the other hand, Reidenberg highlighted that it is possible to hear some unusual complaints like muscle twinges or neck pain which are clear signs of stress or emotional distress.

The use of substances

Plus some physical manifestations, you might find yourself drinking or using drugs in excess or more often, these are also signs you might evaluate to get help.

Thus, this abuse can be related to food. As Reidenberg noted,  some changes in your appetite are hints which denotes that something is not good. Both too much eating or not wanting to eat might make reference to the lack of desire to take care of yourself.

Negative feedback at work

You might perceive that your performance at work is not as it used to, and this can be connected to your struggling with emotions or psychological issues. It may happen even if you like your job and if it made you happy before.

You can experience some changes in concentration and attention, plus you might get negative feedback from your boss or manager as well as your coworkers regarding the quality of your work.

Reidenberg noticed that “Adults spend most of their time at work,” that is why people at work are more likely to see the changes you are undergoing. So this is another sign that you need to pay attention to in order to talk to a professional.

Disconnected from your social life

While attending some social encounters like meeting friends or family gathering might feel like you lost your joy and you are not interested in sharing with others. Reidenberg explained that is another reason to consult about your mental health. “If you’re disillusioned, feeling like there’s not a lot of purposes or a point or feeling a general sense of unhappiness, seeing a therapist could help you regain some clarity or start in a new direction,” he says.

Expressing your feelings.

If you are having problems to communicate how you feel or you do not know how to identify your feelings, and you find yourself unhappy when being with family, you might want to start a couple or family therapy

In Alvord words:“We can help empower people to make better choices in how they phrase things — and we teach people that it isn’t just about what you say, but about your body language and overall attitude.”

Your friends’ concern

In most cases. Friends are the ones who notice these changes in your behavior that might skip family´s inside. So it would be wise to consider their point of view.

“If anybody in your life has said something to you along the lines of: ‘Are you talking to anybody about this?’ or ‘Are you doing okay? I’m concerned about you’ — that’s a sign that you should probably take their advice,” says Reidenberg.

Paying attention to your loved ones and small details that might be insignificant would be more than necessary to get help at the right time.

If you need more information or assessment in connection to this or any other mental problem or therapy contact us. We are more than willing to help you get the right treatment for you.

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