What Our Client Say’s


“We are very pleased with LightHouse Health. They have always been there for our family for the last four years. The brand new office is fantastic and the addition of more doctors has been very helpful. We are so glad they have added the TMS treatment, it has been very helpful. Overall LightHouse Hleath has been a great experience and we highly recommend them.”

“Edward Zawadzki is very patient, listens well and answers all your questions. He is very knowledgeable and stays current with emerging therapies.”

“I have now had three visits with Dr. Mandelblatt. We have explored personal issues in my life that have made my life a mess. The doctor is assisting me with changing my life and helping me with better direction in the future.”
– Anonymous

“Dr. Z is a very competent, caring professional who advocates for as well as treats his patients, however as my situation escalated due to the trauma for the active criminal acts against my person that increased in frequency, duration, and intensity, the focus was placed on me and not helping me. However before this and despite this, I highly recommend this provider as a true MD and therapist.”
– Lisa

“Dr. Zawadzki is a caring and compassionate person. He listens and does not judge, is extremely knowledgeable in his field of medicine. His suggestions and solutions always seem to be wise and well-intentioned. The office overall is friendly and professional. Their support staff are great and do a good job working with patients and accommodating patients’ schedules.”
– RL

“Dr. Mandelblatt is a very nice and wonderful person. She is a great listener and good at helping patients with their problems. I would definitely recommend her as a health care provider.”

“I have now had three visits with Dr. Mandelblatt. We have explored personal issues in my life that have made my life a mess. The doctor is assisting me with changing my life and helping me with better direction in the future.”

We were in Florida for the winter. I fell and shattered my shoulder. I had a reverse shoulder replacement. 2 days later I had a severe stroke. Paralyzed on the left side. Couldn’t talk or swallow either. The neuro doc At Martin Memorial said I had a big infarct in my brain and That I always would be in a wheelchair and be an invalid. God had other plans for me. My family, friends, classmates and my church family in Ohio all prayed for me diligently!’ Guess what? I started moving my arm then my leg. Neuro doc couldn‘t explain, Had another CT of my head and most of the infarct had disappeared. I told her what is impossible for man, is possible for God!I I then was tranferred to Health South and that is where I met Dr. Babinsky. She was wonderful. She visited me every day. once in the morning then she would come check on me in the evening, I had a lot of pain and I was very depressed and cried a lot. She would sit down and talk to me. She always listened and had good advice, She ordered things to help me feel better, She didn’t want me to be suffering in pain. She would also come to therapy to check on me too. And all the staff at Health South were wonderful as well. Thanks to all of them I am walking without my walker and can go up and down the steps holding on to the railing. I can shower alone and dress myself. They taught me everything. Dr Bebinsky helped us make the arrangements to go home and to get my Rxs filled before we left. I can’t say enough good things about her! Tell her I can dance too.
– Cathy Yontz

“Dr. Zawadzki was very professional and was very easy to talk to. He explained everything clearly making me feel comfortable. I would recommend Dr. Zawadzki to all family and friends in time of need.”
– Anonymous

“I cannot say enough good things about Dr. M and her colleagues. She has given my son and I a very safe and helpful environment. Each visit we are able to learn new ways to express our thoughts and feelings without judgment. I highly recommend her as a very caring, intelligent, and professional mental health care provider.”

“I have seen several psychiatrist over the course of a decade. Dr. Z is by-far the best. I came to him at a time of serious crisis. He worked with me to find the right balance of medication, pulling me from crisis to a state of ongoing mental stability.”
– Anonymous

“Dr. Zawadzki has always made me comfortable. He has excellent communication skills. He manages to complete his assessment while it feels like a conversation. I would recommend him to anyone seeking clarity and reassurance about their psychiatric needs.”
– Patricia

“One of the experienced and knowledgeable doctors i have ever met. Helped me to quit Valium very safe way. Always been there for me and i know he we do the same for other patients. Thank you.”
– M.B

“My daughter has been seeing him for close to a year now. Dr. Zawadzki is a psychiatrist that actually listens to his patients. He always spends at least 30 minutes with her, unlike most psychiatrists who spend 15 minutes max doing just a med check. I feel he truly cares about his patients and their well-being and goes above and beyond. I drive an hour each way and it is well worth it. Tammy, his office manager couldn’t be nicer or more helpful. All around great experience.”
– Tracet

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