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How to have a successful Telehealth Session:

  1. Join Onpatient Portal-What is On patient? On patient it is our platform that we use to conduct Telehealth sessions, communicate with providers, and review your health record.
    How to join On Patient? The provider will send you an email asking for you to join (I ATTACHED A SAMPLE OF THIS EMAIL FOR REFERENCE)
  2. Joining a Video Visit

    Whether your video visit was scheduled on the app or by the office you can join the visit by going to the appointments section on the app. 

  1. Select Start Video Visit

2. The first time you start a video visit you will have to enable your camera and microphone.  Click OK for each one.

3. Tap Start Video Visit

4. If there are any consent forms to sign, there will be a notification.  Tap the () icon to access the forms. 

5. Select the form to sign and select Tap here to sign document

6. Use your finger to sign.  Tap Save Signature.  Repeat for any other consent forms and select Close

7. Your provider will join the visit.  When finished, tap End

Our staff will greet you with a smile.

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