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People know to focus on their physical health. However, the importance of maintaining sound mental health is not given its proper place. Mental health is just as important as physical health and should be treated just as aggressively. To maintain a healthy mental condition, you should schedule routine visits like you do when you see your primary doctor. Palm Beach Gardens residents may do so with Lighthouse Health Group.
As a medical group serving those in the Palm Beach Gardens, Florida community, we are delighted to help you deal with any mental conditions resulting from your past. Moreso, we provide psychiatry treatments to patients with mental issues.

Who We Are

Our experience and expertise set us apart. Our professional staff is both trustworthy and courteous. Our treatment techniques are proven, with new technologies available, as well. So, whatever mental condition you or your loved ones are suffering from, you can trust us to help.

What Services Do We Offer?

In Palm Beach Gardens, we offer services and treatment that can care for your entire mental health. These services include:

  •  Psychiatry and Psychology Services
  •  Genetic Testing
  •  FAA HIMS Evaluation
  •  Counseling
  •  Medical Marijuana Treatment
  •  Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

Our services involve treatment for anxiety, depression, panic, mood disorders, substance abuse, and phase of life changes. Moreso, our access to advanced technology, tools, and machines makes us a top mental health clinic for residents in Palm Beach Gardens and surrounding areas.
For example, our treatment sessions utilizing TMS, or transcranial magnetic stimulation, use cutting edge technologies to target specific areas of the brain that are medication resistant.
Our services extend to airplane pilots who struggle with alcohol use. Hence, we qualify as HIMS psychiatrists in Palm Beach Gardens.

Why Choose Us?

You will gain more when you decide to take care of your mental health at Lighthouse Health Group. You will benefit from the following:
Consultation with experienced doctors and therapists.
Receiving treatment sessions that are 100% unique, practical, and loaded with beneficial tips.
Participating in our therapy sessions, be they individual, couples or family improves your individual outlook. Couples and family sessions help create a better environment in the home.

Make It a Goal to Protect Your Mental Health!

Please don’t compromise your mental health. It is just as important as your physical health. Our mental health clinic in Jupiter is always available to you. So, call us to book a consultation.

Our staff will greet you with a smile.

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