Lighthouse Health Florida

In-Home Services


Here at Lighthouse Health Group, we value your privacy. No matter how nice the doctor’s office or how friendly the staff, your home is where you feel most comfortable to process the intimate details of your life. We’ve got you covered! We are proud to announce we now offer elite, concierge, in-home therapy and psychiatric care. Let us brave the traffic and roadblocks and, when we get to you, we can help you work through the obstacles in your life. Our in-home services provide direct contact with the doctors, along with personalized clinical services. These services are provided to a select few clients so that we can ensure our upmost care and attention. For more information about these services, including special pricing, and to see if this type of treatment would be a good fit for you to find your happy place, please call the office to schedule at consultation.

While our office couches are pretty cozy

While our office couches are pretty cozy, there’s noting like being treated in the comfort of your own home. You supply the couch and we will bring the wellness.

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