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A Guide to Your First Visit With a Psychiatrist

How do you know when to visit a psychiatrist? In general, people make their first appointment when they are experiencing difficulties at work, in a relationship or maybe as a consequence of medical conditions. Besides, they might be undergoing certain symptoms which might include sadness, lack of energy, anxiety or even some mood swings. Some […]

Types of Therapy and Mental Health Counseling

Today, many people find that psychotherapy or “talk therapy” quite helpful in treating their symptoms of mental illness. However, the type of therapy and the length might depend on each personal situation and history. On the other hand, therapy could be part of a general treatment plan which may include medication plus any other complementary […]

Different Types of Mental Health Professionals

Nowadays, it is possible to find a wide variety of mental health professionals because this field has grown considerably in the last century. That is why, when you decide to attend therapy, you should also consider the type of professional you need to consult. Although all clinical professionals should meet similar clinical requirements for competency, […]

How Do I Know When to See a Psychiatrist?

You might experience some stress, sadness or any conflict due to our everyday routines so it can be hard to cope with everything at the same time. So if you feel this is happening to you and you are not sure how to handle the situation, it might be a good idea to visit a […]

What to Expect From Mental Health Counseling

In the mental health world, it is possible to find either psychiatrists and psychologists, who have almost similar objectives as regards their profession. They work with people’s minds and its effects on behavior and well-being. They usually work together to prevent, diagnose and treat mental illnesses. However, their professions present some differences. This might be […]

Can the Mind Be Trained to Overcome Anxiety and Depression?

Before you ever feel the effects of anxiety or depression, the brain is hard at work. The portions of the brain that process and interpret sensory signals are what warn the remainder of the brain that a threat may exist, thus triggering a potential fear or anxiety reaction. With depression, a similar process exists, causing […]

ATLAS is now offering TMS Therapy

ATLAS IS NOW OFFERING TMS THERAPY Are your patients suffering from depression? Atlas now offers TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) therapy. This type of therapy is an FDA approved non-drug treatment. TMS is beneficial for those patients that are suffering from depression and/or  are medication resistant.  Join us February 28th at 4600 Military Trail Suite 103 […]

Symptoms and Treatment for Panic Attacks

Panic attacks usually start with anxiety. Not everyone who has anxiety experiences panic attacks, and some people have only one or two panic attacks in their lifetimes and never experience another. The symptoms of a panic attack can often mimic symptoms of other health crises, such as a heart attack or another serious illness. Someone […]

Five Benefits of Group Therapy

One of several specialized services we offer at Lighthouse Health is group therapy. While some patients feel more comfortable one-on-one with a therapist, there are many benefits and advantages to participating in group therapy that you may not have thought of. If you’re new to any type of therapy and are interested in learning more […]

The Effects of Treating Psychiatric Disorders in Children

When referring to children’s disorders, Psychiatrists are dealing with delicate situations. Due to many new disorders as well as new treatments. It is a developing field, and medication is still being tested. Scientists are trying to understand how children’s brains develop and researching about the different stages of mental illnesses early in life. The primary […]