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Increased Anxiety, Depression Mark COVID-19 Blues, But There’s Help

Henry*, a CPA tasked with auditing several large corporations in the area, is performing his job from home as a precaution during the COVID-19 outbreak. Whenever Henry leaves his house, he faithfully follows the recommended safety guidelines. He always wears a mask in public, washes his hands often and stands at least six feet away […]

Prescribing Exercise By Dr. Lisa Smalheiser, Psy.D.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? This question can be similarly applied to the link between exercise and mood symptoms. Research conducted by McKercher and colleagues (2013) found that people who are physically active are less depressed than people who are inactive. Additionally, people who were once active but then stopped suffer from […]

Healthy Sleep Habits Dr. Lisa Smalheiser, Psy.D.

The bed should be a place associated with rest and relaxation. It should be a space associated with shutting down. Unfortunately, the bed has become associated with a place of stress and worry. We put our heads on our pillows at night, and our minds start racing – all the things we did wrong, everything […]

What Happened to You? (Part 3)

Original Post Here: https://www.ttfa.org/episode/2019/11/05/85-what-happened-to-you-part-3 This is the third and final episode in our series on childhood trauma and we’re going big-picture. So buckle up, because the train is going to make stops in Rantville, Can You Believe This Burg and OMGtown. This episode was produced in partnership with Call to Mind, American Public Media’s initiative to […]

What Happened to You? (Part 2)

Original Post Here: https://www.ttfa.org/episode/2019/11/05/85-what-happened-to-you-part-2 f the terrible things that happened to you during childhood can affect your health later in life, how do you NOT live out the worst possibilities for yourself? Is that even possible? In this second episode of our series about childhood trauma, we look at protective factors and resilience. This episode […]

What Happened to You? (Part 1)

Original Post Here: https://www.ttfa.org/episode/2019/11/05/85-what-happened-to-you-part-1 We all kind of understand that what happens to us as a child affects us as an adult. But there is recent evidence that the way our childhoods affect us is so much deeper and more surprising than we thought. This episode was produced in partnership with Call to Mind, American Public […]

Hope Available for those Suffering from “Holiday Blues.”

Atypical day during the year is hectic enough for Serena*. Transporting her children to and from school and social events takes a huge chunk of her time. But she also has to help the kids with their homework, shop for the family, clean the house, make dinner and support her husband’s business, all while working […]

The Magic Pill!

HA!  Got your attention didn’t I?  Wouldn’t that be great?  Just take a pill and *poof!*  All is right in your world.  So many of us search for an answer – that quick fix – to help us live happier lives, to feel more fulfilled in our careers and personal lives, to eliminate negative emotions […]